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Targeted immune activation leading to phagocytic and T-cell mediated tumor destruction

  • CD47 is over-expressed on many cancer cells, and binds SIRPα on phagocytes to produce a “don’t eat me” signal, allowing tumors to evade the immune system
  • 41BB:41BBL interaction provides an immune stimulatory signal needed for T cell development of cytolytic functions
  • DSP107 targets CD47 expressing tumors, blocking the “don’t eat me” signal while simultaneously activating T cells

DSP107 SIRPα-41BBL: Mechanism of Action

SIRPα-41BBL DSP targets CD47 expressing tumors, simultaneously blocking macrophage inhibitory signals and  activating T cells at the tumor microenvironment

KAHR-107 SIRPα-41BBL: Mechanism of Action
MOA & in-vivo efficacy

MOA & in-vivo efficacy

  • Targets CD47 expressing tumors
  • Effectively activates 41BB signaling to co-stimulate T cells
  • Blocks macrophage inhibitory signals to augment phagocytosis of tumor cells
  • Leads to activation of both, innate and adaptive immune systems
CMC development

CMC development

  • CMC development successfully completed
  • Manufacturing scaled up
  • GMP batch produced, ready for clinical use
Toxicology: mouse & monkey studies

Clinical development

  • IND submission planned for H1/2020
  • KAHR and Roche entered clinical collaboration agreement to evaluate DSP107 in combination with Atezolizumab in advanced lung cancer patients
  • Phase I/II in solid tumor patients to commence in H2/2020