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Differentiation from current monoclonal Ab checkpoint inhibitors

  • Dual target activation, by the two functional sides of each DSP, offers multiple functionalities that act simultaneously and result in a synergistic effect
  • DSP can block candidate checkpoint molecules in cancer cells while at the same time stimulating TNF superfamily costimulatory receptors on immune cells
  • The DSP can be modularly designed for selective tumor site or tumor microenvironment targeting
  • Two therapies in one product:
    • Single CMC development
    • Single GLP-Tox program
    • No need for clinical combination studies

Differentiation from Bi-Specific mAbs

  • Unlike bi-Specific mAbs, the unique DSP composition ensures target activation and increased potency by assembling a high multimer protein structure (trimer) which is essential for activation of the TNF receptor family.
  • The DSP technology provides more flexibility in generating agonistic or antagonistic proteins.
  • Easier design and selection process than mAbs:
    • 6-8 weeks from concept to manufacturing
    • We use the natural protein sequence – No need for a lengthy sequence identification and lead selection process
    • The DSP platform technology is adaptable to all checkpoint targets with known ligands
  • Pharmacokinetic profile enables the tailoring of the treatment scheme to result in a favorable risk/benefit ratio.