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KAHR’s proprietary technologies, known as DSP (Dual Signaling Proteins) and TSP (Tri-specific Signaling Proteins), enable the construction of targeted biological drugs with multiple functional ends, which can simultaneously block and/or activate reinforcing biological signals resulting in a synergistic outcome. These platforms represent a new generation of ultra-active targeted immunotherapeutic biological drugs rationally designed for the treatment of multiple cancer indications.

DSPs are dual siganaling proteins generated by fusion of the active extracellular domains of a TNF-SF ligand and a type-I membrane protein

TSPs are tri-specific siganaling proteins generated by fusion of the active extracellular domains of a TNF-SF ligand and two type-I membrane proteins


KAHR’s pipeline includes checkpoint fusion proteins that are highly differentiated from current cancer immunotherapeutics and have the potential to become the next-generation of cancer immunotherapy. Multiple target activation, by the distinct functional sides of each drug candidate, offers multiple functionalities that act simultaneously and result in a synergistic effect.


  • The unique composition ensures target activation and increased potency by assembling a high multimer protein structure which is essential for activation of the TNF receptor family
  • Our products can be modularly designed for selective tumor site or tumor microenvironment targeting
  • The platform technologies are adaptable to most checkpoint targets, ones that are already validated in human or ones that are currently in clinical development and thereby potentially improving efficacy while maintaining a favorable risk/benefit ratio


The unique DSP platform is completely differentiated from current immunotherapeutic agents including checkpoint inhibitors monoclonal antibodies and bi-specific antibodies.

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