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FasL (TNF-family ligand)

Ligand of cell death receptor that is functional on cancer cells and activated T-cells. Activation of Fas leads to apoptosis.

CTLA4 (targeting / synergistic activity)

Natural competitive antagonist of CD28:B7 T-cell co-stimulation. It binds B7 at a very high affinity, turning OFF anti-apoptotic signals

KAHR-102 administration


KAHR-102 is structurally designed to target and kill Lymphoma cells

Lymphoma cells express both high levels of B7 and functional Fas receptors and can be targeted for Fas-mediated cytotoxic elimination

MOA & in-vivo efficacy

MOA & in-vivo efficacy

  • MOA established: both B7 binding and Fas activation are required for full activity of the KAHR-102 homo-hexamer
  • Exceptional efficacy presented in 4 different mouse lymphoma models
Regulatory pathway

Regulatory pathway

  • Planned phase I/IIa in lymphoma patients under FDA
  • Focusing on orphan indication in DLBCL
  • KAHR-102 is Set to Enter Clinical Trials in Early 2019
CMC development

CMC development

  • Ongoing GMP process optimization to maximize yield
  • Lyophilized formulation fully developed
Toxicology: mouse & monkey studies

Toxicology: mouse & monkey studies

  • Mouse Non-GLP acute dose study conducted
  • Mouse GLP repeated dose study conducted
  • Monkey GLP acute dose study conducted