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TRAIL (TNF-family ligand)

Ligand of the TRAIL cell death receptors that are functional on cancer cells and activated T-cells.

Fn14 (targeting / synergistic activity)

A TNF-SF receptor. The receptor for TWEAK (a TNF-SF ligand), an inducer of cell growth, inflammation and angiogenesis

KAHR-101 administration


Targeted tumor apoptosis

  • Multiple cancers express high TWEAK in the tumor microenvironment
  • Past attempts to utilize TRAIL in the clinic failed due to low TRAIL activity, resulting in lack of efficacy
  • KAHR-101 binds TWEAK and forms highly active TRAIL-clusters, inhibiting cell growth and leading to localized TRAIL-based apoptosis

KAHR-101 Oncology Indications


KAHR-101 Autoimmune Indications

MOA & in-vivo efficacy

MOA & in-vivo efficacy

  • MOA established: TWEAK binding is required for the formation of a localized TRAIL-cluster, inducing a superior TRAIL-based apoptosis
  • Exceptional efficacy shown in 4 different mouse cancer and autoimmune disease models
Regulatory pathway

Regulatory pathway

  • Planned phase I/IIa in solid tumors under FDA
  • Focusing on HCC, RCC, pancreatic cancer, and ovarian cancer
CMC development

CMC development

  • Ongoing GMP process development
Toxicology: mouse & monkey studies

Preclinical development

  • KAHR-101 is Undergoing Preclinical Studies in Multiple Tumor Types