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KAHR Medical is developing a novel drug platform based on bi-functional, immunotherapeutic fusion proteins, targeting multiple cancer indications

KAHR’s proprietary technology, known as DSP (Dual Signaling Proteins), enables the construction of targeted biological drugs with two functional ends, which can simultaneously block and/or activate two reinforcing biological signals resulting in a synergistic outcome. KAHR’s new DSP platform emerged following years of research and development of TNF-superfamily based drug candidates. This platform represents a new generation of ultra-active immunotherapeutic biological drugs rationally designed for the treatment of multiple cancer indications.

KAHR Medical, based in Israel, is a privately-held biotechnology company. Shareholders include Hadasit Bio-holdings, Flerie Invest AB, Korea Investment Partners, Mirae Asset Venture Investments and DSC Investments. The company’s core technology is based on research by Prof. Mark Tykocinski, Dean of the Jefferson Medical School and Senior Vice President of the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and Prof. Michal Dranitzki-Elhalel, Head of Nephrology at the Hadassah Medical Center and KAHR Medical’s Chief Scientist Officer.