Development Pipeline

Development Pipeline p5
DSP molecules represent a novel class of biological drugs and KAHR is the first company to develop DSP-based therapeutics

Several DSP molecules have been intensely studied in the last decade, mostly by research teams at the University of Pennsylvania and the Hadassah Medical Center (Israel), and their promise as drug candidates has been documented in multiple scientific publications.

KAHR has selected two DSP molecules that have shown significant in-vitro and in-vivo efficacy as its current drug development pipeline -
1. KAHR-101 (FN14-TRAIL)
2. KAHR-102 (CTLA4-FasL)

KAHR's leading products, KAHR101 and KAHR-102 will be first assessed clinically in Phase-I/II clinical trials in cancer patients.

DSP-Hexamers: In 2013, KAHR submitted a patent that protects hundreds of novel DSP fusion protein combinations. DSP-Hexamers possess TNF-family ligands on one end of the fusion protein and are modeled to form homo-hexamers for superior TNF-family activity combined with a second targeting and functional activity contributed by the other end of the drug. KAHR-102, KAHR's lead product is a member of this group of novel molecules.

DSP-Clusters: In 2015, KAHR submitted a second patent that protects hundreds of novel DSP fusion protein combinations. Drug candidates of the DSP-Clusters platform, possess a TNF-family ligand on one side of the molecule and a TNF-family receptor on the other end, which can form highly functional clusters at specific disease locations. KAHR-101 is a member of this group of novel molecules.