The company

• KAHR Medical ("KAHR") is an Immuno-Oncology drug development company
• The company is based in Israel
• KAHR is the first company to develop DSP-based therapeutics
• In February 2016, KAHR completed its Series-B financing, raising a total of $15M

Intellectual Property
• KAHR has a worldwide exclusive license from the University of Pennsylvania for the DSP technology IP portfolio, protecting its main products
• KAHR submitted three new DSP-based patents, two of the applications are protecting novel DSP-based platforms; DSP-Hexamers and DSP-Clusters, each covering hundreds of drug candidates 

DSP platform technology
• First-in-Class: Fusion proteins with two functional sides.
• Novel mode-of-action based on unique molecular structures
• Multiple clinical applications (e.g., autoimmune diseases / cancer)
• DSP molecules have been studied in the past 15 years and the results published in many scientific publications

Development Pipeline
• Two DSP molecules (KAHR-101 & KAHR-102) that have shown significant in-vitro and in-vivo efficacy, were selected as current development pipeline
KAHR-102, representing the DSP-Hexamers drug platform, is KAHR's lead product. KAHR-102 has completed toxicology studies and is expected to enter clinical trials in Lymphoma
• KAHR-101, representing the DSP-Clusters drug platform, has completed proof-of-concept in animals disease models for cancer and autoimmune diseases

• Both lead products are potential drugs for multiple autoimmune diseases and cancers.

For more information on KAHR Medical, please contact Dr. Noam Shani (CEO)