Welcome to KAHR Medical
The mission at KAHR Medical is to develop novel fusion protein pharmaceuticals
for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

KAHR's drug development pipeline is built around 'Dual Signaling Proteins (DSP)' 
- a unique class of novel therapeutic agents that possess two functional ends.
The DSP technology is divided into two proprietary platforms; the DSP-Hexamers and the
DSP-Clusters, each covering hundreds of drug candidates.
KAHR actively operates two
drug-development programs, KAHR-101 and KAHR-102, representing proof-of-concept
for its two proprietary platforms.


News & Events

August 22, 2015: Prof. Arnold Freedman from Harvard Medical School joins KAHR's Scientific Advisory Board. Professor Freedman is the Clinical Director of the Lymphoma Program at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and a leading expert on lymphoma drug clinical development  

June 28, 2015: KAHR Medical submits IND-equivalent file to Israeli regulatory authorities to study KAHR-102 in lymphoma patients as part of a Phase-I/IIa clinical trial   

December 24, 2014: KAHR Medical is Granted Patent Approval in the USA, Europe, Japan and Canada for one of its lead products in development, KAHR-102

December 17, 2014: KAHR Medical received government grant sum of 8.2 m shekels approved by the Chief Scientist office

September 11, 2013: KAHR Medical raise additional $2.35M

February 4, 2013: KAHR Medical Granted U.S. Patent Approval for One of its Lead Products, KAHR-101

June 26, 2012: KAHR Medical and Cobra Biologics extend their partnership to develop both KAHR-101 and KAHR-102